Do you

leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or workout?

Have you

noticed decreased arousal or diminished orgasm during intercourse?

Is your

vaginal dryness causing discomfort?


What is Geneveve?

Geneveve is a comfortable 30-minute treatment used to treat urinary incontinence,  rejuvenate vaginal tissue, and reawaken sexual sensation.  

How does it work?

A small treatment tip is inserted just inside the vaginal opening and is rotated while it alternately cools the surface and heats the soft tissue beneath.  This generates new collagen, providing structure and strength to decrease vaginal laxity and restore sensation. 

How soon can I expect results?

Every patient is different.  Some patients report feeling a difference immediately, but results can take up to 3 months to develop.  

Does it hurt?

Thanks to the patented surface cooling that occurs during treatment, there is no risk of burn and you can return to normal activities immediately- including intimacy!