Office Policies & Forms

Below are some of Winchester Women’s Healthcare’s most important policies. Should you have any questions about our policies, please call the office during regular business hours.


  • For those patients with no insurance, payment is due at the time of the visit unless billing arrangements have been made prior to the date of service.
  • ​We accept a wide range of insurance plans. Please verify, prior to your appointment and with any insurance change, that it is accepted by our practice.
  • In addition you must sign an authorization annually to allow us to bill your insurance. AT EACH VISIT, we will ask to review your insurance and contact information. This is essential for us to be able to communicate with you. 

Test Results

  • We know that you want to know the results of your lab test and other diagnostic testing as soon as you can. When test results are returned to the office, they are first reviewed by the Doctor. As soon as they are available the nurse will notify you of your results by phone or you will receive a letter from Winchester Hospital.  
  • For pap results, you may set up an online portal through Quest Diagnostics to access results when they become available. 

Prescriptions and Refills

  • Please request new prescriptions or refills at appointments, when possible. We require 48 hours notice for each prescription refill.  Please try to call for a refill a few days prior to taking your last dose to give the pharmacy and our office a chance to order your drug. Please have the name of the drug you need refilled, the dosage, how often you take it and your pharmacy's phone number available. We discourage prescribing new medications over the telephone, as an accurate diagnosis is usually possible only with an office visit.

Online Patient Forms

Medical Record Release (pdf)


New Patient Registration Form (pdf)